Mizu Ceramics was founded in 2015 by Katy Rodden Walker, a ceramicist living in Brisbane, CA.  

In 2004, Katy travelled to Kanazawa, Japan to study Japanese culture.  During this time, she decided to study ceramics among other subjects like Japanese history and architecture.  She fell in love with throwing pottery and Japan, and decided to return in 2005 to Kyoto to continue her studies, where she learned about the Mingei movement, or the Japanese folk craft movement.  The Mingei movement philosophy emphasizes appreciating beauty and artistry in everyday, functional objects.  Through research, travel, and throwing ceramics, she developed her appreciation for high quality handmade functional ceramics, and discovered her inner joy of throwing unique pieces that cross the line between pottery and art.   

The mark, , is used to distinguish all of her pieces.  It is the Japanese kanji mizu, which means water in Japanese.  Mizu symbolizes fluidity, nature, and serenity, and is a necessary element to throw and mold clay. How it feels in your hand, how it looks to your eye, and how it performs when you use it are all details that are carefully crafted into each piece.  

Many of her pieces are influenced by her time spent in Japan, and other countries where she has felt an emotional connection.  She hopes to pass on the delight she feels for pottery and ceramic art to you each time you use or observe her piece.